Managing Relationship Paper

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Managing Relationships Paper Jonathan Hernandez University of Phoenix

The relationship chosen for this assignment in one that involves my wife and I. Both of us have been married for over five years and we have been together for a total of seven years. I met my wife through my best friend as she was his front door neighbor and we have also seen each other but never spoke until one day I just stopped her in front of her house and asked her for her name and the rest well is history. Our relationship began as a friendship as we would go out to nightclubs, watch movies, and just hang out in the front porch talking until literally the sun came up the following day it was something not to many get to do and I was lucky I would
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Authority also has to do with impact. Excellent strong and healthy partnerships are predicated on regard and pride, though there is a power differential between the parties. I think there should be some good verdict and integrity utilized or substantial damage can and frequently will happen with a base of sympathy, regard and love. Our partnership has parallel power because we alternate based on what particular scenario may need. On her side she writes messages regarding our credit cards in case a mistake has happened. I am the one who addresses all of the automobile problems.
When people have a partnership appeal is the feeling which informs somebody we desire to keep or make a partnership/relationship with another person. Shifting from a period of being friends and seeking closeness (where I can be myself and have acclaim from the other side) appeal is required. The more communication while being involved in the growing stages of confidence has allowed us to self -disclosure and more appeal. With more appeal we get to closeness. Our feelings and actions are affected by getting this close level and are shown via spoken
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