Managing Remote Sales Teams Offer Unique Challenges

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Awesome sales teams aren 't just found in office cubicles. A sales member might attend a CEO meeting in California, play a round of golf with an important client in Georgia, or cold call prospective leads from an apartment in Barcelona. Technology makes remote work more accessible. The office now encompasses different countries and time zones. A Stanford University research study found that employees are 13 percent more productive when working remotely. However, managing a remote sales team isn’t easy. People work at their own pace, creating disconnection among team members. When problems occur, it 's not as simple as getting up from your desk and walking down the hall to get clarification face to face. Managing remote sales teams offer unique challenges, but you can overcome them. Let 's explore four ways to lead your remote team to more closed deals. 1. Set Clear Expectations When setting expectations, sales employees are encouraged to meet higher performance levels. A recent Gallup poll of German workers found that when a manager sets clear priorities for their employees about 38 percent of workers feel engaged and will strive to increase their work performance. Establish clear expectations for your team. It provides everyone a set standard to maintain. The benchmark should include sales objectives, specific online procedures when working on leads, and tips for managing time more efficiently. Sales managers must be willing to hop on a Skype call with their team.
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