Managing Risk With Change : Managing Organizational Change

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Managing Risk with Change Shelly L. Estill Colorado State University Global Campus Abstract “Effective change management offers a standardized method that efficiently evaluates the potential positive and negative aspects of change” (Scarborough, n.d.). In order to fully understand the change, and the impact of the proposed change, it is helpful to have all of the facts. However, when faced with decisions that offer very little information either short term, or long term, judgement comes more into the equation than factual information. In these instances managing risk becomes an ongoing process. When you are unaware of all of the possible effects of decisions you must constantly reevaluate the situation and make needed changes immediately in order to mitigate future risk. As the changes unfold risk can become clearer and more effectively mitigated. Managing Risk with Change The act of implementing a new “change involves risk and uncertainty” as with the story of Kodak as told in Managing organizational change: A multiple perspectives approach (Palmer, & Dunford, 2009, p. 9). I have learned through the process of running a small business that any small change can have long lasting effects on a business. The act of going into business has been the most risky decision that I have been a part of. There was much less information available to me than I would have preferred when my husband and I made the decision to go into business in 2007. I knew that

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