Managing Stakeholder Expectations : Gavin Davies

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Managing Stakeholder Expectations Gavin Davies of Tremendous Training states “Start any project with your stakeholders in mind”. The project manager has two primary goals. A project is successful when it achieves all stated objectives, as well as meets the expectations of the stakeholders. Managing various stakeholder expectations is important. The success of a project can rely on how the project manager communicates with and handles the expectations of stakeholders. In a software development project one of the stakeholders would be the users of the software. Dr. James Burns states “…stakeholders are professional people or organizations that have a vested interest in the project”. The stakeholders are also the project manager, project members, project sponsor, government agencies, suppliers, as well as managers and members of other departments. The number of stakeholders in a project and be numerous. It would be unrealistic to expect anyone to understand each of the complexities which make up the depth of each stakeholder. However, it is necessary to understand each person to a degree. An analysis of each stakeholder should be completed to provide for a positive outcome of the project. Each stakeholder should be categorized as to their contribution or influence on the project. This allows the Project manager to consider the value of each stakeholder. Then leverage the support of each stakeholder as to work towards the goals of the project. Many times stakeholder

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