Managing Strategic Growth at Sjoland & Thyselius Ab Essay

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(1) What should they do with the unprofitable subsidiaries? Thyselius said, “If you make losses it means that operations are not working and that you allow negligence and stupidities” (342). The managers’ behavior is a problem that they need to solve first. They require the managers to display the “personal drive” and believe that the HR is the main factor that cause success. They want to hire the best employees for their company because “to produce quality you have to hire qualified persons” (343). So, the top management, which controls everything in the subsidiaries, is the most important thing. They can invest in “employee competence development.” After that, they can talk to the managers to find out why the managers broke the policy…show more content…
They can create an agreement in which clearly shows what the manager can do and cannot do. (3) Should they continue to seek more business in the UAE? They should continue to seek more business in the UAE. The UAE is not a developed country. Because of oil and banking revenues, The UAE has the most developed economy. Doing business with the UAE includes the difference in presence and language skills and substantial efforts in meetings and marketing. These can make the business relationship between Swedish and the UAE is difficult, but just at the initial time of period. To find, contact, and to communicate with the end customer is something hard to do. The UAE is already a customer of A&T and “was eager to buy, making it and even more interesting situation” (348). Moreover, the UAE also wants to develop a long-term and trustful relationship and future sales. So, S&T should do more business with the UAE. (4) What about their possible wind tunnel connections? Should they broaden their global expansion efforts to other regions of the world? The wind tunnel has been used in the sell surveillance system for a test range. However, “not every country has capacity to do wind tunnel tests, even if it has an airplane industry” (348). This means that S&T can not only use the wind tunnel for testing but also for developing an entire wind tunnel. Moreover selling wind tunnel is another option. They should

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