Managing Strategic Plan For A Success Of Any Small Or Big Organization

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Conceptualizing in Business A well thought of strategic plan not only plays a big role in a success of any small or big organization, it is also imperative for its growth. In any effective strategic plan starts with a well-considered and mission statement, vision, and value. These three categories are beneficial to its shareholders, employees, and its customers. Besides being beneficial for the company and their shareholders, they are also the driving force that provides guidance to the direction that the company is going to. It is also what separates the company from its competitors and it also provides value and ethics within the company. Business, Products, and Customers: Mission Statement Power House Gym is a gym facility that provides that not only provides equipment for its clients to work out on, they also provide other services such as group exercise classes, childcare, personal training, staff nutritionist, power express line, small group training, sport specific training. The current mission statement is “More than fitness, it’s a way life of life. At Powerhouse Gym we are committed to helping others change their lives through exercise. Our friendly and professional staff will inspire and support you in commitment to enhance the quality of your own life”. The mission statement will be the driving force of the new division that will be at added to the arsenal of Power House Gym. There are many competitors out there for Power House Gym that may offer the similar

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