Managing Strategy

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ZAMBIA CENTER OF ACCOUNTANCY STUDIES Programme: Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies Name: Mwaka Masiye Student No: 000754791 Subject: Managing Strategy (BUSI 1484) Lecturer: M Chanakira Business Strategy Game Report (Club Zed)

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INTRODUCTION Club Zed Inc. is an athletic footwear company which operates globally and is specialized in manufacturing, distributing and marketing athletic footwear. It has its operations in four geographic market regions namely; Europe-Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and North America.

STRATEGY In our five year plan we decided to use the Differentiation strategy, Differentiation involves providing a product or service with higher perceived value than its competitors (Scholes el al,
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Appendix 1 and 3 show the summary of the decisions we made in year 12. Based on our decision our return on equity rose from 7.60%(year 11) to 25.40% in year 12, our stock price increased from 16% to 78% and also our image rating went up to 83 from 63 not forgetting our earnings per share which increased from $1.20 to $4.77 in year 12, see appendix 1 and appendix 4 for summary of the company performances. We managed to increase our net revenues in year 12 from $215 to 318, see appendix 2 for the net revenues. As shown below:

Revenue 318, Roe 25.40%, Esp. $4.77, Stock price 78, Credit rating A, Image rating 83
In year 12 our company was matching up, our revenues increased, our credit rating increased, we were now above our investors’ expectations which was a good start for the company. See appendix 1 and 4.

YEAR 13 In year 13, I and my co-managers were clearer and focused having had more experience and hence, ready to take up differentiation. I and my co-managers further made an increment on the S/Q rating which increased to 7%. We channeled more resources into marketing this lead to an increase from year 11 from 35-38-39%. We
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