Managing Stress On A Working Nurse At A Local Hospital

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1. Assume you are in charge of socializing the newly hired nurses at a local hospital. What steps would you take to ensure that they understand the hospital 's organizational culture? How would you help them understand how to manage stress on a daily basis so as to prevent burnout later in their careers? Explain. As the person in charge of ensuring new hires embraced and became a part of the local hospital’s culture I would implement the three stages of socialization, the Anticipatory, Accommodation and Role management studied this week as a checklist with the following steps. I. Anticipatory a. Ensure the newly hired nurses have all the information needed to describe what it will be like to work at the hospital. b. Make…show more content…
After all an organization is only as good as the people it keeps. f. Also follow up with the new nurses’ manager and mentor to ensure they have a successful integration within the hospital and understand the crucial role they have. III. Role Management g. Ensure the employee is aware of the benefits provided by the company related to time management and work/life balance h. Educate and provide the newly hired nurses with information related to work place conflict resolution. I would help the employee understand how to deal with on the job stress and prevent burnout by making them aware of all the benefits the hospital provide to ensure good balance between work and home life. I would also make the aware that we are a big family and we have employee assistance program for them and the families where they can contact and obtain support as needed. I would encourage them to spend time with their family and love ones and how beneficial it is when it comes to stress. Finally I would suggest to them have an hobby and stay engage in the hospitals wellness program and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 2. Hospital environments are more stressful in nature than the work environments found in many other organizations. What are some of the unique challenges that hospitals face when attempting to create a supportive organizational culture that helps
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