Managing Stress On The Work Place

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Managing Stress in the Work Place
Adrian Salazar
Florida Technical College

Abstract Although work stress is a key issue for all organizations, the problems associated with work stress appear to be particularly acute in organizations with a framework within which to manage and reduce the cost of employee stress, Arroba and James (1990) developed a sequential 4-stage model for stress management. However, while retaining the 4-stage approach, McHugh and Brennan (1992) go beyond the Arroba and James model and develop the concept of total stress management (TSM). The 4-stage model for TSM consists of: 1. the stress audit, 2. stress recognition, 3. adequate training support to prevent, identify, and manage stress, and 4. evaluation of stress levels. For UK organizations to derive maximum benefits from TSM, it is essential that the prevailing climate becomes as supportive as possible, whereby everyone is: 1. aware of the costs of stress, 2. encouraged to become totally committed to TSM, and 3. accepts that individual and organizational health are interdependent entities. Thus, responsibility for stress prevention and stress management is assigned to everyone in the organization, with the effective implementation of TSM programs requiring universal commitment.
Keywords: TSM. Total stress management

For organizations to survive and grow in the coming years, it is essential that managers respond to the diverse range of forces which impact on them.…
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