Managing Stress On The Work Place

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Managing Stress in the Work Place
Adrian Salazar
Florida Technical College

Abstract Although work stress is a key issue for all organizations, the problems associated with work stress appear to be particularly acute in organizations with a framework within which to manage and reduce the cost of employee stress, Arroba and James (1990) developed a sequential 4-stage model for stress management. However, while retaining the 4-stage approach, McHugh and Brennan (1992) go beyond the Arroba and James model and develop the concept of total stress management (TSM). The 4-stage model for TSM consists of: 1. the stress audit, 2. stress recognition, 3. adequate training support to prevent, identify, and manage stress, and 4.
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The problems associated with work stress appear to be particularly acute in industrialized countries like United States or Britain. To take an example, the British Heart Foundation has suggested that coronary heart disease (CHD) costs $ 310 per employee per year (McDubhghaill, 1991). While some CHD may be directly attributable to stress, Davidson and Sutherland (1992) report that many of the behavioral responses to stress, such as cigarette smoking, poor dietary habits, physical inactivity and/or escapist drinking, are all risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Consequently stress may be both directly and indirectly related as a causal factor in the aetiology of heart disease. The costs of work-related stress however extend beyond CHD. Kearns (1986) comments that 60 per cent of absence from work is caused by stress-related disorders, while Gill (1987) reports that an estimated 100 million working days are lost each year because people cannot face going to work. Despite these adverse effects of stress, few organizations have attempted to estimate its costs to the company. Cooper (1986) comments that many organizations still treat absenteeism, high labour turnover and lower productivity as part of running a business. However, in an unwillingness to recognize
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