Managing Supplier Quality

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Managing Supplier Quality: Integrated Devices ABSTACT This case analysis explores quality management issues as it pertains to Trexler, a supplier of Integrated Devices, and suggestions to process improvement in order to increase quality throughout the value chain. This paper critically deciphers the weaknesses and opportunity areas that Integrated Logistics should research before continued business with Trexler is attempted. This analysis includes research and best practices outlined by Monczka, Handfield, Giunipero, and Patterson (2011) relative to the case study. In the case analysis of Managing Supplier Quality, Integrated Devices’ Injected Molding Commodity Team responsible for conducting business and process interaction with…show more content…
A requirement of potential suppliers that Integrated Devices should suggest is to have a Six Sigma expert apart of the supplier production team to aid in a quality driven, defect free commodity. This representative would be the subject matter expert on total quality as well as a liaison to the buyer’s supply management team and associated cross functional departments such as product/ quality engineers. Detailed in the contract concerning product quality must outline what are possible contingencies and problem resolutions in the event of commodity failure or defect. An additional factor that should be considered is buyer oversight outlining tools and/ or methods that would be in place for the buyer to ensure quality is being instituted in all phases of product development, engineering, production, and customer delivery. In this particular case analysis, it is assumed that Integrated Devices depended on sample products provided by Trexler during the supplier selection process. The risk of relying on product samples is
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