Managing Teams

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Managing Teams

In this assignment I am going to be defining teams in my own words, also explaining why it is a good idea to work within a team. I will also be describing some different types of terms and their associated benefits.

A team consists of people of all levels in an organisation whom come together to work on a particular project within their division.

I believe that it is a good idea to work as a team because, everybody has different ideas so there will be a lot of varied input. There is more support for each other because the workload is shared. It gives people the opportunity to use their skills to their best potential, and allows you to learn about each others strengths and weakness. It also gives you motivation to
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The benefits of working in such a team are that they save money on things like travel and hotels. It also gives them the opportunity to share ideas and business propositions with all different types of people from all over the world.

Senior Management Team

This team consists of a group of managers that come together to make policy decisions within the organisation. For example a team of managers of a supermarket sit down and discuss what products to sell next year and weather to cut costs and what new products they should introduce to the store. The benefits of working within this team are because they are all managers everyone gets heard and they have the knowledge and expertise to make the business a success and also what they propose will get done, they will then instruct other teams as what to do.

Work Team

This type of team consists of people who work together normally within the same function, and undertake the day to day jobs within the organisation. Examples of this type of team would be a sales team in which everyone would have their own department EG; Women’s wear, menswear, household and electrical goods. The benefits of working in this type of team is that everybody has their own experience of working within that particular department of their organisation, therefore they are

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