Managing Tensions Inherent Of Business

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Managing Tensions Inherent in Business (For-profit) and Social (Non-profit) Entrepreneurial Activities


Over the past several decades, entrepreneurship has attracted considerable attention of scholars from various disciplines. However, the majority of studies conducted on this emerging field have placed special emphasis on business entrepreneurship in which profit-oriented logic is dominant (e.g., Erikson, 2001; Dejardin, 2011; Campbell & Mitchell, 2012). On the other hand, social entrepreneurship, which focuses on fulfilling unmet socio-economic needs rather than individual profit seeking, has started to gain importance in recent years (e.g., Mair & Martí, 2006; Schorr, 2006; Nicholls, 2006; Dacin, Dacin, & Tracey; 2011). Surprisingly, the vast majority of research conducted on these two research streams has addressed business- and social entrepreneurship separately. This separation has led to a lack of studies on the contexts in which some entrepreneurs, who engage in both for-profit and non-profit entrepreneurial activities at the same time. Since these two entrepreneurial activities have their own characteristics and logics, I propose that they result in tensions and conflicts that the particular entrepreneur should try to manage. Following this proposition, this study takes a step toward filling the aforementioned void. Reviewing the extant literature on both business- and social entrepreneurship has led me to develop my research question as follows: How
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