Managing The Change Management Strategy

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Organizational change management is the outline for managing the change management strategy. It also helps with the corporate processes for structural and cultural changes of Blue Cross Blue Shield. Change management helps our organization realize why the change was essential so that we can accept all changes and goals to move forward. Change in our organization is good for all of the employees since it will help them gain new skills and competencies and this in fact is an organizational goal of the company. The first step for our change management strategy is creating urgency. For this change to occur, the whole establishment needs to be on board and really wants it. Developing a sense of urgency around the need for change can trigger the initial motivation to get things moving. Without motivation, individuals will not help and the efforts for the change will not go anywhere (Kotter, 1995, p. 60). Managing change across the board if it is not done correctly can be damaging. The second step is to convince our employees that change is necessary. This frequently takes strong management and noticeable support from important people within our organization. Dealing with change is not enough one will have to lead everyone in this process. Once shaped our change partnership or coalition needs to work together as team and continue to build urgency round the need for change. Our goal is to be successful. It requires that our organization gets all of the knowledge it can so

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