Managing Threats Of Campus Violence At Michigan Community Colleges

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Dissertation Concept Paper

A Case Study: Managing Threats of Campus Violence
At Michigan Community Colleges

Russ Panico

Western Michigan University

Fall 2014

A Case Study: Managing Threats of Campus Violence at
Michigan Community Colleges

Statement of the Problem An unknown factor regarding the management of potential acts of campus violence is how community college administrators use information obtained from campus threat assessments to objectively address the potential threat. Based on the literature reviewed, the violent shooting incident at Virginia Tech in 2007 and other acts of violence at academic institutions since then have been the catalysts for 4-year college and university
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This team should be comprised of a cross-section of personnel that includes administrators, staff, and faculty. These teams can be called Student Cares Committees or Behavior Intervention Teams. According to Deisinger and Randazzo (2008), the assessment team “is perhaps the most critical tool that a college or university can use to prevent targeted violence on campus, as well as identify and intervene with other problems that affect the health and well-being of the campus community.” (p. 14). The team or committee can meet weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as needed. The team or committee will have the authority to review and discuss any students, staff, or faculty who have raised concerns and/or may be at risk of harming either themselves or others, or who pose a significant disruption to the learning environment. The team may receive and assess all reports of threatening or other alarming behaviors by any student, staff, or faculty. There may be others who could have an impact on campus safety as well who are not directly associated with the college, such as citizens who reside near the college or have indicated by way of some form of communication of their intent to do harm to people on the campus. It is the team’s responsibility to evaluate the legitimacy of the concern or
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