Managing Time As An Adult Learner

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Managing time as an adult learner There might not be a better decision than going back to school as an adult. This is particularly because one has the opportunity of enhancing their career and accomplishing their lifelong goals. The choice of going back to school as an adult is thus an easy decision. Despite the fact that reaching this decision is easy, following through the decision is the most difficult part. Difficult. This is because of the challenges that adult learners face in their day to day lives as students. The challenges they face range from work to schooling to ensuring that the have adequate time available in their day for their family and friends. Finding the time to ensure that adult learner's educational dreams are realized can be quite an enormous challenge. The adult learners feel that they can not support their family while working and attending classes every day. This is a challenge as they find it difficult to keep up with school as to get good grades to ensure that they progress (William, 2003). Time management is therefore the greatest challenge for these adult learners. They often do not have enough time to attend to each and every area they are needed in. They neglect their responsibilities not because they do not want to do them but because they are not in a position due to time constrains. Friends often do not understand why they are not able to do the same things with them before joining school. Their struggle life might also be strained as a
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