Managing Time as an Adult Learner in College Essay example

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Former first lady Abigail Adams once said, “the habits of a vigorous mind are formed in contending with difficulties” (Billmeyer, 2009, p. 115). The number of adults pursuing a college degree is constantly increasing with each passing year. Unlike younger college students fresh out of high school, adult learners are not only trying adjust to going back to school, but they must learn to balance their studies with other responsibilities in their lives such as their family and jobs. Knowing how to manage time wisely is an intricate tool for an adult attending college. Some helpful tips include prioritizing, planning ahead, making to-do lists, and avoiding procrastination.
Learning how to prioritize is very important when having to juggle so many responsibilities, because there are times in life for an adult student that it feels like the world is pulling them in 100 different directions. It is very important not to take on too much or everything will start to become intensely overwhelming. Students have to figure out which things in their life are more important than others, such as studying and completing assignments, are far more important than shopping or watching a movie. When trying to decide which assignments to do first, they must take into consideration which assignment is harder or which one is due first. Even though friends and family may have a hard time adjusting to the changes, they must learn to understand that the student can not do everything that they…