Managing Type 1 Diabetes

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Diabetes is a disease that can be devastating to some families, but it is not that bad as it seems. With the correct amount of exercise and moderation, it can be maintained with several different methods. A large part of the United States population has a form of diabetes. Today, there are many treatments that improve the lives of those living with this disease. With the correct understanding, it can be manageable and change the lives of the diabetic and his/her family. Some people may think of this as a bad thing for children to have but with the proper management and exercise, it can be maintained as well as bring a family closer to one another. As a brother of a type 1 diabetic, I know how hard it is to live with it and how to…show more content…
There are several application spots that can be used for the shots. These spots include the thighs, triceps, butt cheeks, outer parts of the lower back and outer parts of the stomach. This process is somewhat lengthy but the pen itself looks like a marker, but it contains insulin. Once a person has calculated all of the carbohydrates in the meal he or she is eating, they have to determine they then use a wipe to sterilize the area in which the needle is entering and then pinch that area. The needle is then inserted and the pen’s top is pushed down releasing the insulin into the body. About 20 seconds after all of the insulin is inserted, the pen is removed and he or she is okay to do what he or she wants. It is a simple process but it is very tenuous and stressful because this is an early stage of diabetes. A management tool that would go along with this is keeping a log book of all of the foods eaten at specific meals, the carbohydrates for each meal, and what his or her blood sugar level was before the meal. The blood sugar level is important because it lets the diabetic know whether or not to take more insulin if the blood glucose is higher or less insulin if your blood sugar level is lower. You determine how much insulin to take based on ratios of carbohydrates-insulin. For example, my brother has a ratio of 20 carbohydrates for each unit of insulin. If a meal is 80 carbs, he
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