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Reading Wanna, J 2007, ‘Improving federalism: drivers of change, repair options and reform scenarios’, Australian Journal of Public Administration, vol. 66, no. 3, pp. 275 – 279. Purpose (What is the author’s aim? For example, is the piece descriptive or does it summarise the literature or introduce a new argument? Is the author trying to convince, persuade, or inform the reader? Use a verb.) (59) The author aims to inform the reader of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for reform of federalism by summarizing the discussions of the round table held in May 2007. Argument/Finding (What position did the author take? What were their main points? What are their claims/conclusions?) (75) The focus of debate surrounded…show more content…
Use correct reference format, see Section 5.10 of this guide. (The two citations are not included in your word count but your comments are)). (41 + 75) A Twomey and G Withers, Federalist Paper 1 – Australia’s Federal Future, Council for the Australian Federation, April 2007, p 15. Title of consider Where there are problems, they are often with the way the Australian federal system operates, rather than with federalism itself. Rather than criticising our federal system, we should be working to make better use of its advantages
in order to improve our prosperity. In particular, the reform of the allocation of powers and responsibilities between the Commonwealth and the States, and reform of fiscal federalism, are desperately needed. (Twomey and Withers, 2007) Twomey and Withers argue the approach of strategic pragmatism as outlined in Wanna’s paper. The basis of their position is that the federalism structure is unlikely to be subject to major redesign and the discussion should focus on improving current operation. Commonwealth Government, Budget Paper No 3: Australia’s Federal Relations, 2009-10, 12 May 2009, p 7. Federations work best when the roles and responsibilities of each jurisdiction are clear and good public accountability mechanisms allow the community to hold the appropriate level of government to account for the quality and efficiency of the services delivered and outcomes

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