Managing Work Health And Safety At The Pitstop Pty Ltd.

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Develop, implement and maintain WHS management system Assessment task 1-proposal Chencho dorji Advanced diploma of management Unique international college 2015 UIC01782 PITSTOP PTY LTD WHS management system and plan has been developed to outline our approach in managing work health and safety at the Pitstop Pty Ltd Making sure this plan and system is available to all the workers ensuing they take time to read and understand, ask questions and clarify. Keep a copy ready and available during your employment WORK HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY Goals for Pitstop Pty Ltd • Display the commitment of Pitstop pty Ltd’s management and workers to health and safety • It Aims to remove and reduce the risks to the health, safety, welfare of all staff and workers, contractors and visitors, and anyone else who may be affected by our business operations • Aims to ensure all work activities are done safely. Responsibilities Management is responsible for providing and maintaining the following: • a safe working environment for everyone • Safe systems of work all time • Plant and substances in safe condition • Facilities for the welfare of all workers • Any information, instruction, training and supervision needed to make sure that all workers are safe from injury and risks to their health Workers are responsible for: • Ensuring their own personal health and safety, and that of others in the workplace • Complying with any reasonable

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