Managing Work Life Balance

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The current economic situation has been blamed for causing income loss, extended working hours and intense stress in workplaces all over the world. Due to this today people are being challenged to strike a balance between work life and family life. People are overwhelmed by the demanding careers, demanding families, a slow economy and so on. This has left people with little time for what they need and want to do.

Motivation refers to the desire, effort and passion to achieve something (Paul, Hoang, 2007). In business terms it is often referred to as the willingness to complete a task or job with enthusiasm. There are different motivators for every person. Some people are motivated by fears. Others are motivated by rewards. Many
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In order to strike work-life balance managers may have to give up the 9-5 job culture. This rigid system can be replaced by flexi-time. This system requires employees to work a core period of the day when they are expected to be at work but the rest of the time is flexi-time (Paul, Hoang, 2007). This means that the staff decides where they work, subject to them getting their work completed by set deadlines. For example an employee who is supposed to work for 40 hours in a week might work for 10 hours from Monday to Thursday and take Friday as off or may work 25 hours in the workplace per week and the remaining from any other location home or elsewhere. Flexi-time is beneficial to employees as it gives them a greater degree of freedom to balance their work and personal life, which helps in reducing stress. On the other hand organizations that use flexi-time can have an improved image as it is seen to be providing equal opportunities to staff that are unable to work standard hours due to their other important mostly personal commitments. A better image will help in attracting better talent to the company. It also helps in improving motivation and hence productivity and output of the business. Businesses that use flextime can also save on paying overtime of their employees. Another suggestion would be teleworking which involves working away from the workplace by using electronic forms of communication such as telephone, fax and email. Another
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