Managing Yourself on Time Management

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Contents. Page 3. Introduction. Page 4. Symptoms of Stress and Stress Support Systems. Page 5. Personal Objective. (SMART) Page 5. Statistical Evidence. Page 6. Conclusion. Page 7- 15 Appendix. Managing Yourself Introduction Managing yourself, or time management as it is also known, can be achieved in many ways. Once achieved, good or effective time management fast becomes a skill that others may wish that they had. An often asked question is "What is Time management and how does it link to causes of stress". Time management is a skill that enables you to plan your tasks, to achieve the best possible results, in the time you have available. The World Health Organisation's (WHO) definition, of work-related stress "is the response people may have when presented with work demands and pressures that are not matched to their knowledge and abilities and which challenge their ability to cope." If you have the skill of effective time management, the advantages can be very precious indeed. These advantages will help you with work, home and health. Effective time management enables you to complete tasks in a timely fashion, increasing productivity, and reducing the possible need to work late. Effective time management also helps with team morale, as work tasks are planned in a timely, measured way, easing pressure. With a happy, productive team working in the business, keeping to timescales, keeps the customer happy and increases
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