Managing a Global Team at Sun Essay

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LEAD – Managing a Global Team: Sun Microsystems – 9/16/2010

Situation * HS Holdings (HSH), enterprise customer with online banking, had servers go down * Sun’s CS team didn’t respond, servers stayed down for 2 hours, cost HS Holdings thousands * HSH has $300k/yr premium contract for 24/7 service: potentially violated by outage, threatening suit * Flow of crisis * Praveen D. got call from HSH, pages on-call after-hours US manager 3x, MISTAKE: used weekday number not weekend (still weekend in Cali, not India) * Did not call Nick E. directly: insulted by earlier Nick comment “India team incompetent” * Possible mistake: Nick E. had cell phone off, assumed others would call his home *
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as does not get along with Ahmed N. * US favoritism: all feel Greg J. talks first, makes decisions w/ US team before consulting them

Characters * Stepehen Spurlock (Global VP, US): Greg’s boss * Pam Lawry (Global VP, US): Ally and resource for Greg within Sun * Greg James (Global manager, US): rising star, CS & Eng from Stanford, manager of team w/ crisis * Rahul Ashok (Customer service mgr, Mumbai): head of Mumbai (soon APac), 8 year Sun veteran * Robert Chan (Sales account mgr, US): * Nick Elliot (Application support, US): primary contact for HS Holdings account * Praveen Devilal (Support engineer, Mumbai): on Rahul’s team * Ahmed Nazr (Customer service mgr, UAE): Jamal’s boss, bad relations with Rahul (India-Pakistan) * Jamal (programmer, UAE): programmer in UAE who wrote the bad queue * Elizabeth Fournier (Customer advocate, France): customer adv. for HSH, on phone w/ HSH during crisis

1. Who's responsible for the H.S. Holding crisis? * Whole team, particularly Greg James, is responsible * Proximate responsibilities * Nick E. for not updating the customer number * Praveen D. for not using proper protocol in paging on-call manager * Praveen D. for not calling Nick E. directly at time of crisis * Jamal/Ahmed N./Rahul A. for not communicating queue needs properly * Underlying and ultimate responsibilities * Greg
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