Managing a Global Virtual Team

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Managing a Global Virtual Team Introduction A virtual team is a group of employees who are working with each other but they are based in different countries or locations, the members of the virtual team are working with the aim of completing a common goal ADDIN EN.CITE Hinds200359(Hinds & Bailey, 2003)595917Hinds, Pamela J.Bailey, Diane E.Out of Sight, Out of Sync: Understanding Conflict in Distributed TeamsOrganization ScienceOrganization Science615-6321462003INFORMS10477039 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_1" o "Hinds, 2003 #59" Hinds & Bailey, 2003). With virtual workers a company does not need to bother with where the employees live or where they work from the company will be mostly interested in ensuring that the employees delivers on their tasks and on time. Virtual teams allow the company to acquire talent from different locations of the world. Employees also benefit too in that their travel time is reduced and this reduces the disruption of an employee's life. Work never disrupted if there ever is a disaster at one location as the other workers in non-affected areas continue with the work at hand. Complexities can be added to the team due to the time differences, organizational boundaries and distance between the team members, this also increase the risk of the virtual becoming unsuccessful and thus not able to achieve its goals. With a widely spread out virtual team an organization can have the benefit of operating for 24 hours as the
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