Managing and Leading Change': Article Analysis

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Managing & Leading Change This report is a compare and contrast of four different scholarly journal articles relating to the management and leading of change in a business environment. The strengths and weaknesses, as assessed by the author of this report, will be assessed. The author's own point of view will be discussed next. Evidence to support that point of view will be mentioned next and then the report will be wrapped up with a discussion of leadership styles and overall behavior in the public sector. Not all of the articles pertain in whole or in part to the public sector but the author of this response holds that the conclusions drawn in this report are applicable nonetheless. Article Strengths & Weaknesses The first article up for review focuses on change in the supply chain management sector, and this is something that applies to of public service/sector dimensions. The article is prescient when it notes that planned changes are often conceptualized as processes and that there is often a step-by-step process whereby a process evolves and changes. There is also a wonderful table that shows the different scopes of change models and it loops in a lot of research in the process. As for weaknesses, the aforementioned sources are a bit dated as the newest one is 1996 and the others are as old as 1983 (Tichy) and Nadler/Tushman (1980). That being said, much of what exists in change management theory is not terribly new or, at the very least, is an evolution of a prior
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