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INTRODUCTION TO ORGANIZATIONAL UNITS My workgroup and its function within my organization – I work for a Fortune 500 Telecommunication company with branches or stores all over the country. My workgroup is one of AT&T stores, which comprises of my manager, I as the Assistant and thirteen other employees under me (Sales Representatives). We are Sales set up considered as one stop shop for all AT&T products and services. From sales to new customers, maintaining existing ones through outstanding customer services, issue resolution to home products and solutions. We sell wireless phones, advanced TV, high speed internet, Netbooks, Tablets, Ipads, and Broadband products. My organization has a mission to be the most regarded wireless provider…show more content…
Adhere to established procedure – Experiment with Innovation – gap is 4. ii. Individual / Group Accountability – gap is 2. Others have no Gap based on my CM report; the sum of my gap is 6. I have the same expectation with what my organization offers or provided. The number one gap cannot be altered by my Manager but the only thing he can do is to encourage individuals in the group who has a better way of overcoming objections and issues encountered by or with customers to keep improving on it, because when the group is successful in handling difficult issues and producing satisfied customers, the organization will recognize such group. On the second gap, whatever result is generated at the end of the month for my group is the group result not individual members of the group. Therefore my manager can hold individual accountable for their numbers and also encourage them to work hard so as to close the gap. Things that can be used to achieve this are : Reward point program, certificates of achievement, plaques, gift cards and coaching for positive reinforcement of good behaviors. This will help the group or unit to achieve the organizational goals and shows great sense of accountability for their
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