Managing and leading people

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Assignment Outline

* Managing and leading people the past and the present


The effective manager/leader, how can we become one in today's organisation?

Why is the skill of management and leading people vital for MBA students?

* Understanding Managing and Leading people - The four pillars

The organisation environment and people

The individual level

The group level

The organisational level

* Distinguishing between Leadership and Management

Managers and leaders are they different?

How can managers maximize the output of the organisation?

What do leaders really do?

* The essence of Organisational behaviour & Human resource

What makes managing people so difficult?

Their impact on the organisation

Why have they
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Managers have many tools at their disposal to motivate the behaviour of employees including cash, better working conditions, lifestyle improvements etc.

We also look at managing of careers and the "silent killer", stress. This is a self management responsibility and all employees must aim for a satisfactory work-life balance.

The third pillar focuses probably on the biggest reason for conflict in the workplace and that is effective communication. It is vital that employees are informed about what needs to be done so that results can be achieved.

We should also focus on creating productive interpersonal relationships which is the ability of managers to deal with different cultures. Being aware of individual and group emotions has become a necessity in order to interact with others in a productive way, in what Bloisi described as emotional intelligence.

This pillar also looks at the building groups into teams and making them successful.

Conflict which is a natural occurrence in the workplace due to the collection of different groups of people with different personalities and values needs to be managed effectively to ensure that people can work together to achieve results.

The organisational level which is the fourth pillar is divided in three categories:

Leadership practices looks at problem solving and decision making which follows
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