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UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE La Verne, California Hollister Co. Business Feasibility Study Bus 581 – Managing in a Global Economy Dr. Omid E. Furutan Group 2 Wenjia Li Li Ji Kun-Yi Lin Hsiang-Yi Liu Xing Long October, 2012 Table of content Hollister Co. Business Overview 4 Foreign market expanding motivation 4 Three countries study: Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong 6 Japan 6 Singapore 9 Hong Kong 14 Singapore 17 Marketing 17 Human Resource management 19 Human Resource Management Practice 19 Human Resource Management Style…show more content…
Asia’s fashion and apparel market will continue to grow at a healthy clip through 2011-2015. The reason why we focus on Asia area is because as forecast last year, clothing demand in Asia is higher than the demand in Western Europe and North America in 2011 [Appendix 2]. “Many economists predict that demand will be driven by rising personal disposable income levels and an increased focus on fashion apparel, especially in the main cities.” Said by Carrie Yu. As we known, many foreign apparel brands are already present in Asia, and they will spread steadily. Here we have a figure to show the market demand growth in different Asia countries [Appendix 3]. After analysis the data and GDP per person at purchasing-power parity [Appendix 4], we choose three countries-Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong-that are good for Hollister to expand in. Three Study Countries: Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong Japan Our first choice is Japan. Here we have two reasons to support our idea. First of all, it goes without saying that Japan is one of the most potential countries in Asia. For years, Japan has been Asia 's richest and most powerful economy. It was the first Asian economy to industrialize, and the emerging Asian tigers—Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea. There are three advantages for Japan to become a good expansion country. Firstly, the economy of Japan is the third largest national economy in the world after the United States and the People 's Republic
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