Managing the Human Resources at Shenzen China Factories

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Course: Project Management

Module: Managing the Human Resource

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Name: Roula Bou Hamdan

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A. Overview of the Jinjian Garment Factory Situation

B. Analysis of the “Lack of motivation” Aspect at Jinjian

1. Evolution of HR

2. De-motivation Factors of Jinjian’s employees:

a. Direct Internal Factors

b. Indirect External Factors

C. Designing and implementing a strategic HR Solution

1. Recruitment and Selection

a. Job Analysis and Job Description

b. Job Testing

c. Interviews

2. Training, Development, Performance Appraisal, and Compensation

a. Training and Development

b. Management & Leadership Development

c. Performance
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The “lack of motivation” issue is the end result of the severe working conditions, including those of Jinjian garment factory. It’s the obvious result that the owner has noticed. However, its solution is far too complex and diverse, beginning from proper human resource strategic plan, and ending in human rights.

B. Analysis of the “Lack of motivation” Aspect at Jinjian

Evolution of HR

Every employee can be motivated, since every employee has his reasons for acquiring a specific job. It ranges from self satisfaction and high morale, to obtaining a better quality of life. The secret here is to create a medium in which people are eager to work effectively and efficiently to accomplish the company’s goals. However, the concept of achieving employee motivation as an enhancing factor for company performance is relatively new. All these aspects led to the emergence of the concepts of human resource development (HRD) and human resource management (HRM).

The concept of human resource management is said to have started in England in the 1800s during the apprenticeship era and with the arrival of the industrial revolution. In the 1900s, Frederick Taylor established the concept of “scientific management” or Taylorism. It is an approach to industrial, management and organizational psychology. It is usually linked to mass production i.e. factories with assembly lines, similar to the case in Jinjian garment factory.

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