Managing the Multi-Projects

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I have read and understood the rules on cheating, plagiarism and appropriate referencing as outlined in my handbook and I declare that the work contained in this assignment is my own, unless otherwise acknowledged. No substantial part of the work submitted here has also been submitted by me in other assessments for any other assessed course, and I acknowledge that if this has been done an appropriate reduction in the mark I might otherwise have received will be made MODULE TITLE: Managing the Multi-Project/Programme Environment MODULE CODE: ES9U1-10 01PR MODULE DATE: 18th – 22nd February 2013 Question 1 1 exerting control over the projects 2.1…show more content…
Afterwards, the real performance can be recorded on the diagram as well as the comparasion with that determined standard, thus the degree of the operation could be measured and compared. By applying this diagram, the divergence of the real performance can be easily seen and then lead to more thinking and discussion about how the performance is. This diagram is also time based so can easily be analyzed during what period the problem happened so that easier to figure it out along that timeline. 2.4 Backups A good commanded program is always been fully considered, therefore, some alternative schemes are necessary. A good backup can cover the emergence very well hense avoid some unnecessary lose. The program manager should fully think about what would happen in each stage of the work and then disguss those potencial risks with other project managers. The reasons for doing this are: first; the risks can be foreseen by some approaches such as brain storms as well as the experience from each person. Therefore can help to get more well considered conditions and then to minimize the occurrence of the risks. Second; to improve the efficiency of the implementation of these backups since by mutually disscussion and communication,
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