Managing with Analytics at Proctor & Gamble Essay

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Megan Morales Madeline Row Mgmt 450.003 Case Brief Managing with Analytics at Procter & Gamble Overview Procter & Gamble has always maintained their brand position as a widely renowned and successful international company. That success has been attributed to many things over the years, including the information decision solutions provided through their core analytics team. With the passionate leadership exhibited by the company’s CEO, Bob McDonald, and the ambitious and visionary efforts of CIO Passerini, P&G was able to secure a clear competitive advantage through the development of their analytics department. In this case discussion, a brief overview of the company’s efforts to transform their IT department as well as…show more content…
In addition, there was also a 12% increase in P&G’s powder detergent sales including their leading brands Tide, Gain and Cheer. Procter & Gamble held more than half of the detergent total market share in North America, generating over $4 billion in revenue. Analysis In 1999, P&G decided to reorganize the company’s corporate structure, undergoing an aggressive two-year transformation. The transformation, Organization 2005, was designed to realize innovations on a global scale. Organization 2005 was described as a “ realignment of the organization structure, work processes and culture designed to accelerate growth by streamlining management decision-making, manufacturing and other work processes to increase the Company’s ability to innovate and bring initiatives to global markets more quickly.” P&G organized it’s 129,000 employees into four separate global divisions: Market Development (MDOs), Global Business Services (GBS), Corporate Functions and Global Business Units (GBUs). Each division occupied important skills and tasks within the organization, but were also interrelated with the success of the company’s operations. Data enhancing technologies were developed to enhance these divisions such as Business Sufficiency, Business Sphere and the Decision Cockpit. Originally P&G’s IT system was operated as a central storehouse for data and software tools used to help analysts. It would take days or

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