Manchester Craftmen's Guild Research Paper

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One of the first things new students at the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild learn is the story of Bill Strickland. While in high school, he discovered ceramics and it changed his life. Later, he founded MCG and changed the lives of many others through encouraging students to participate in artistic things (The Solution Man). Art education is not just about teaching someone how to create something, it is also a way to create a better person because art education allows people the space to discover themselves and develop skills that school often neglects, and shows them community and culture. Because of the benefits of the Manchester Craftmen's Guild, it needs to be replicated around the country.
Talking about art education is tricky because there are a thousand different definitions of what "art" is. Robin Pogrebin defines it as “a way we can communicate without words..” (xiii). Others define it as “music, dance, theatre, and visual arts” (Bryant). MCG does not so much as define art as categorize it into ceramics, photography, digital arts and design arts, with a plethora of artistic styles that may not be immediately obvious in all four studios. Still others divide art into performing arts,
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It can teach patience and determination. Having something tangible to see what they are capable of helps students with self-esteem. It allows them to develop confidence instead of just being told that they need to have it. Art is not just a grade but rather something that students created and something that they can take pride in because there is no one else out there that can make what they did. Art allows students to become engaged in what they are doing because the outcome is not some number on an arbitrary scale. It is something real that ecourages students to want to solve the problems that they encounter. It lets them experiment without fear of failure because there is always another
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