Manchester United: Brand of Hope and Glory

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Identify who you believe to be Manchester United's key stakeholders and evaluate their influence in relation to the ethical stance taken by the company. Ethical stance defined by Johnson and Scholes as: 'the extent to which an organisation will exceed it minimum obligations to stakeholders and society at large.'Four possible ethical stances exist and are stereotypes for any organisation. The first ethical stance is short-term shareholder interests; a company who stick very close to laws and regulations which are in place. They give and do only what they are obliged to, this usually causes problems with long-term financial decisions. The second stance is longer-term shareholder interests - a company who are very focused on building and…show more content…
Without the shareholders there would be very low financial statuses and they would not be able to fund their reputation. They have high power in making final decisions and are most important to influence, when looking at corporate governance. Employees can have very low power and at times low interest in reputation and management. At this stage they would be categorised as segment A. Generally the employees who would fall into this segment would be those who consider the job as a way to pay their bills. They have no real value in the job; if they didn't work for Manchester United then they would work elsewhere. Football players as employees of the organisation have high power and interest depending on their famous status. For example in the case study David Beckham would have been placed in segment D as he is a landmark player wanted by almost every football team imaginable. He can use this to his advantage influencing decisions and other stakeholders to his way of thinking. Investors, Suppliers and community groups are seen, to be kept informed but have little if no power (segment B). Investors in particular want to know if their investment will produce a return, so at times they are not interested in using power or having much interest. Suppliers have little power as the team have a strong demand from others wanting to supply their needs. Just by them being linked to Manchester United makes them more

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