Manchester United Economic Impact

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c Impact Manchester United’s Economic Impact By Dalton Truax For Mike Pearson Sports Marketing & Management 28 February 2013 Introduction Manchester United is the most valuable sports club to exist so surely the club must make the city a lot of money every year, right? Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and the most popular soccer club in the world is Manchester United. There is no denial that Manchester United has had a huge cultural impact as well as made many social contributions to its locale, but what about the team’s economic impact? Manchester United has influenced the local and regional economy in many ways, with most of them being exclusively positive. Some of the ways the club…show more content…
Marketing of the city is a very important tool when it comes to this. The question is which role sports, and more specifically soccer clubs like Manchester United, can play here. Entertainment is playing a bigger and bigger role in society as the years go by. So, how does the government view Manchester United in this matter? The government acknowledges the important role Manchester United plays as a catalyst for marketing of the city. They regard Manchester United mainly as a publicity channel for the region to attempt to attract tourists, as well as companies to the region. Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council also uses the presence of Manchester United to further develop the area around the club. They have a long-term vision for the development of Old Trafford, the team’s historic stadium. The role of Manchester United in attracting businesses is very significant. The club can attract businesses itself but can only do this for businesses that benefit from the actual matches taking place, such as pubs and hotels. On the other hand, the club functions as a publicity channel for the region. It draws attention, and is always a good way to start a conversation. In this way, the club has indirectly made a large contribution to bring businesses and investments to the region. The brand name is known all over the world and puts
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