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CRANEFIELD COLLEGE OF PROJECT AND PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT GROUP ASSIGNMENT TITLE: MANCHESTER UNITED SOCCER CLUB FOR MODULE MALPHA Table of contents: To provide the following diagrams for the Manchester United Soccer Club summer tournament: 1) Product Breakdown Structure and Work Breakdown Structure 2) Organisational Breakdown Structure 3) Linear Responsibility Chart 4) Network Diagram 5) Activity Table 6) Schedule 7) Glossary 8) Bibliography 1. Work Breakdown Structure WBS is a diagram used to selectively collect information required in all the project life cycle phases, in order to meet the stakeholders requirements and as a performance measure against the organisation strategic plan. The purpose of the WBS…show more content…
3. Organizational Structure An organization structure enables a company to group people in a controlled manner for the purpose of performing work. (Rory Burke Second Edition, 2013) The key areas of responsibility in an organizational structure include: • Reporting • Assigning responsibility • Project Coordination • Assigning Authority • Procedures • Problem Solving • Interlinking people Please see the below figure depicting the Manchester United soccer tournament organizational structure; Manchester United Tournament Organising Committee Tournament Director - Nicolette Larson Security Panel Referee Selection Panel Soccer Team Selection Panel Emergency Services Panel Event Manager - Pam Marketing & Communications Manager - Bill George - Marketing Steve - Marketing Jeff – Organising Committee Pam – Event Manager Nicolette Larson – Tournament Director Jeff – Organising Committee Nicolette Larson –Tournament Director Beth - Events Sam – Organising Committee Andrea – Event Coordinator Jack – Event Coordinator 1 Beth – Event Assistant Manager Alan – Organising Committee Jim – Organising Committee Bill - Marketing Jim –

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