Mandala And Sunyata Are Codependent

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The mandala and sunyata are codependent, as the mandala allows one to fully comprehend sunyata. However, in order to understand sunyata, one must first acknowledge and comprehend the Theravada Buddhist teachings. Teachings, such a dependent variation, the no self, and even impermanence, are also intertwined with both each other, the sunyata, and the mandala. Therefore, while both sunyata and the Theravada Buddhist teachings may be taught through the mandala, these teachings are crucial in demonstrating the sunyata. The mandala provides a religious experience through visualization and are often employed to dissociate a human from their ego and the egotistic perceptions humans tend to cling to. Creating a mandala takes a lot of time and…show more content…
Just like the seed, various different elements, past practices, and studies throughout years and years were necessary for the creation of the seed. The creation of the seed and its journey into existence is similar to that of the mandala. Both creations took significant effort, an excessive amount of time, and the presence of the right elements to form the creation. Another Theravada Buddhist teaching used to understand sunyata, is anaatman, or the no self. To begin, anaatman explains that one does not recognize that everything is casually connected; rather, people cling to words such as “I” and “self,” believing they have a fixed personality. This is not the case as we do not have a fixed independent self rather, we exist in a constantly changing and advancing process. The mandala demonstrates anaatman because of the fact that it a tool used to transform behavior through psychic realization. As stated previously, the mandala is a design to connect the universe with human being’s consciousness and matter, representing a way to reach enlightenment. Because of this, the mandala should be viewed as a tool that can communicate, and even deliver enlightenment. While viewing the mandala, it works to bring you to experience a sacred world by striving to bring the human to the “manda” or its center or essence and works as a “la”

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