Mandarin Oriental

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Table of contents 1. Executive summary 2. Introduction 2.1 Brand overview 2.2 Attraction of the brand 3. Market analysis 3.1 Market research 3.3 Brand SWOT analysis 3.4 Consumer group analysis 3.5 Market segmentation 4. Advertising strategy 4.1 New product and service description 4.2 Objective, vision and mission 4.3 Slogan and logo design 4.4 Marketing/promotional method 4.5 Pricing strategy 5. Advertising campaign 5.1 Objectives 5.2 Advertising 5.3 Outdoor advertising 5.4 Social media 5.5 Website promotion 5.6 Public relations 5.7 Expected advertising effects 6. Financial summary 6.1 Budget allocation 7.…show more content…
The visually stunning print advertisements depict will create unforgettable moments for guests around the world. The multi-million dollar global print campaign will run in 32 countries and be featured in lifestyle, business and travel print media, as well as key out-of-home sites in Singapore. In addition to the print flight, Hotel can bring the campaign to life through a full scale digital re-invention of the brand, including a re-launch of the website, enhancements to the brand's social media channels, and a powerful digital advertising campaign; all inspired by unique discoveries from around the world. The new website will offer content that extends beyond basic hotel information. The new online hub will be fully integrated with social media platforms, providing use with the unique opportunity to share their own discoveries via Twitter and includes ways for users to share via Pinterest, Facebook and other key sites. Built to be fully responsive, the new site offers the same immersive experience across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms to publicize new products and service in all aspect. Make sure the theme of “Ultimate luxury experience” can permeate deep impression to every customer’s mind. “Ultimate luxury experience” will embody the global spirit of Mandarin Oriental Hotels and today's lifestyle-business traveler and their eagerness to explore the world beyond their everyday routine. The multi-million dollar advertising campaign will continue through the
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