Mandate of School Uniforms in Order to Reduce Student Truancy.

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Introduction According to one Caribbean historian, Carl Campbell (1992), schools reflect the societies that create them. The 21st century has presented many challenges. While on the one hand we are faced with rapidly improving technology, we are also faced with global environmental, health and economic crises such as we have never experienced before. We are also witnessing the widespread collapse of societal institutions like the family, judiciary and even the religious systems. Our societies seem to be breeding a new level of violence and chaos. It is against this background, that schools must now formulate policies to keep much of this violence and chaos from invading the classrooms. Instead of students being lured away from…show more content…
However, the initiatives have been proven to keep more children in school and dramatically reduce daytime crime. A School Uniform Policy is one of the keys given by the guidebook to help schools deal with the problem of truancy. Wikipedia defines school uniforms as a set of standardized clothes worn primarily for an educational institution….they form the basis of a school’s dress code. The issue of school uniforms then becomes of critical importance in the wider issue of School Discipline. According to the Oxford Dictionary, discipline is defined as the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior. Educators agree that learning can only take place in a climate that is conducive to learning and therefore it is important that students conform to a code of conduct set by the school to achieve such a climate. The issue of adoption of school uniforms policies has become a highly controversial topic among parents, students, educators, government officials and policymakers with strong arguments being presented by both side of the debate. The very important questions of safety versus individual rights and freedoms must be carefully examined. This paper will attempt to present the major arguments of the debate. However it will support the view that public schools should embrace the choice to wear school uniforms as they help to create an atmosphere of

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