Mandated Vaccinations For Children?

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Melissa Willoughby
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Mandated Vaccinations for Children
Statement of Issue: For years, the topic of mandated vaccinations for children has been a highly debated topic among health professionals, educators, parents, and government officials. Currently, the Center for Disease Control recommends that children between the ages of zero and six years should receive twenty-eight doses of ten different vaccines (, 2014). Although there is no federal law that requires that children get vaccinated, all fifty states require certain vaccinations for children before entering public schools (, 2014). These requirements often vary from state to state. All states in the United States allow for medical exemptions to the mandated vaccinations, while forty-eight allow religious exemptions and nineteen allow philosophical exemptions (, 2014). Mandated vaccination has remained a highly controversial topic as it questions whether a person should be able to make choices about his or her own body or if rules can be imposed that mandate vaccinations for the potential greater good of the public’s overall health.
The Case FOR Mandated Vaccinations: Vaccinations have been shown to prevent many diseases, including measles, mumps, pertussis, polio, varicella, and influenza (CDC, 2009). According to Shot@Life, a United Nations partner program, vaccines stop around 2.5 million children from developing preventable diseases each year (,
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