Mandatory Community Service For Seniors

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Mandatory Community Service for Seniors
When applying for a position at a job, managers always check to see how much experience you have in order to check if you are qualified. When filling out a college application there are always questions that ask to write down any extra curricular activities you participated in or any clubs/service work you did and for how long. It is important to be a part of the community and to be dedicated to one or two locations for a certain amount of time to show commitment and effort. A student that has been a part of an organization for about three months and has not missed will be prefered at a college than a student that goes five times a month. Community service does not only help build relationships but allows students to spend their time learning new skills and it will benefit them in the future. Community service for high school seniors should be mandatory because it will teach the students how to be responsible, allow them to explore in depth something related to their career and improve their communication skills.
Many high schools around the country have made community service hours mandatory in order for the seniors to graduate. Not everyone agrees that this should be a requirement because seniors already have enough on their plate. When seniors are about to graduate, it does not matter how many tasks they have to complete as a requirement if they do not feel like doing it and they have no motivation they will not complete
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