Mandatory Conscription

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Most young adults have no idea what to do with themselves after graduating high school. Some young adults attend college. Others go straight into the work force. Few decide to join some sort of military branch straight out of high school gaining valuable knowledge that can be carried throughout their whole life.
What You Can Do for Your Country
A few countries require every young person to serve two years of military service, and as we continue to face military conflicts across the globe, some have proposed that the United States adopt a similar policy of mandatory conscription. A two-year period of national service should be compulsory for all young people. However, making the commitment to serve that time in the military should be everyone’s choice. Mandatory conscription will only succeed in putting unmotivated people in the military, making U.S. forces unreliable and less powerful. Instead of serving exclusively in the military, every young person should have the option of participating in some kind of public service that suits his or her interests, such as the AmeriCorps, Habitat for Humanity, the Peace Corps, or Teach for America. If all eighteen-year-olds were required to give two years of public service, they would contribute greatly to their country and communities while acquiring a better sense of the world around them. One reason the United States military is so powerful is because it is made up of volunteers. Every Marine fighting on the front lines for the
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