Mandatory Corporate Social : A Social Responsibility

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Mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility- Either Do It or Speak It. Is It a Boom for Social Upliftment Tanvi Tak* The author tries to find out whether making CSR a mandatory requirement for the companies as a social responsibility will help in the upliftment of the society. CSR models previously were voluntary actions taken up by the corporations but the new CSR norms mandate this responsibility. The country is now moving towards MANDATORY, NOT VOLUNTARY CSR regimes. This Article begins with the origin of CSR during the Earth Summit in early 90’s and then its scenario in the Indian corporate sector. Some of the examples of volunteer CSR activities showcased the sincere efforts taken by certain major tycoons of Indian corporate sector and now after India being the first country to mandate CSR in the Companies Act will be a boon for social upliftment or not. According to the author, working for the undeveloped communities for the country is a work that required moral values within an individual or a corporate, making it mandatory will only add more confusions and an opportunity to tainted companies to go smooth in the eyes of law by means of corruption or extortion in the system. Moreover, penalizing only if reason not displayed by the Board in their Annual Report will not be the solution to the problem. This article will seek an understanding whether mandating CSR will be a boon to social upliftment or not and concludes by suggesting certain rewards or tax benefits for
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