Essay Mandatory Dress Codes for All Schools!

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Dress codes have been an issue lately in some schools. Most kids are against it but I believe that there should be dress codes in all schools. This would be a good idea because it would reduce violence and bullying, eliminate the problem of wearing hats or jackets and they are less expensive. If there were dress codes in school, it would eliminate violence and bullying. If there was a kid who liked to wear a different style of clothing then others, then he would probably get teased or maybe even get beaten up. Also, it reduces violence and makes students behave better because it makes everyone equal, bringing all of the students to the same level. "A dress code brings us together, like an athletic team. We're unified, we stand for…show more content…
Lastly, gang members would not be able to wear their colours or symbols, which could reduce gang fights. Dress codes would also eliminate the problem of wearing hats or jackets in school. If teenagers wore jackets in school, you would not be able to tell if they were hiding something in it such as a weapon. Also if they wore jackets with hood on them, you would not be able to identify if they belong at this school or not. The incident at Korah is an example of this. At that school they do not have a dress code and a random guy walked in the girls bathroom and killed a girl. Hats in school are disrespectful and sometimes they could be worn as a gang symbol. Lastly, a school uniform would be less expensive to buy. The families with low-income could buy a school uniform for a cheap price instead of wearing hand me downs or already used clothing and not risk their kids getting made fun of. Also if you buy a uniform it eliminates the hassle of deciding which clothes to wear or buy for school. Lastly if kids buy uniforms they would judge people for what is on the inside rather then what they are wearing. "The dress code is one thing that has served to lower crime, violence, and increase attendance and increase learning at a lot of schools. And I think a dress code is itself an important statement, because we want our young children, whether they're poor or rich or middle class, when they're in school to define themselves primarily in
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