Mandatory Drug Testing for Student Athletes Essay

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In many high schools around the country, student athletes are using drugs. “The percent of students that have drunk alcohol is 72.5% while the number of students who have used marijuana is 36.8%” (Report: Nearly Half of High School Students Using Drugs, Alcohol). The students believe that since they are athletes that they do not need to abide by the rules because they feel more superior and that the narcotic will not hurt or affect them. Implementing random drug tests for athletes will create a positive image and not hurt others or themselves. Schools need to have drug tests for student athletes because drugs effect relationships, using drugs have consequences, and lastly they have a major effect on the body. Not drug testing student…show more content…
In this scenario, the team member will not be friends again because trust has been broken which will cause complications when playing in a game. If the team can not work together, then they will not be able to work together and win a game. The team members then will become furious that they are not winning games which causes more tension and resentment on the team. If one little thing like using drugs can ruin a team, then why not have student athletes tested for drugs so relationships on the team do not get destroyed. Not only do drugs effect relationships, but they also cause consequences for the individual taking them. Playing a sport and using drugs are prohibited. By drug testing student athletes for prohibited drugs, they will know not to use them or there will be consequences that will occur. Some consequences may include a warning, a detention, a suspension, not being able to play a couple of games or not being to play sports ever again. “Maysville's plan also includes a suspension and removal process based on how many times student-athletes violate its drug policy. That process includes counseling, which is a critical part of keeping our children off drugs,” (More Schools Should Drug-test Athletes). It may be expensive to conduct all the drug tests ,but it will prevent athletes from doing drugs and keep the athlete away from getting addicted to using drugs. When an athlete gets addicted to using a drug they will do whatever they
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