Mandatory Handgun On College Campuses

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There has been a various amount of debate between several groups of people and colleges, inquiring if they would feel comfortable with students having a handgun on college campuses. A few states in the U.S. have been thinking about allowing firearms in University campuses throughout America due to the increasing amount of assaults. Some of the states that are already allowing guns on school campus are Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin. Although some individuals believe that having a gun on campus is a dreadful idea, some see it as a relief to their safety. It is known that a school’s first priority is to keep each and every student safe. Maintaining a safe environment in college or in any school is extremely necessary. In theory, if we start to allow the students and staff to carry weapons on school grounds they still need to learn how to use them appropriately, and be able to handle situations that get thrown their way. Students are put into situations where they have to stay up all night and do their school work. In addition to that, some actually have the responsibility to go to work. With that being said, in reality the students won’t have enough time to go through professional training to master the techniques on how to use guns responsibly like policemen and gain knowledge on how to react to extreme situations like they do.
It is understandable that most individuals believe that guns on campuses brings relief and safety, as…
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