Mandatory Headgear Within Soccer : The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention

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Julia Mayes Mr. Hawkins English 125; 3 9 February 2015 Mandatory Headgear in Soccer The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that more than 200,000 children have been treated for soccer related injuries, including concussions being a main injury(Bain 4). Concussions are frequently happening time after time in the game of soccer. Contact with other players, the ground, the ball, and many other serious injuries are causing the shaking of the brain; therefore, leading to lack of knowledge, memory, eyesight and many other issues. Headgear may be the solution to decreasing the amount of concussions that occur in soccer. Concussions cause brain damage which can affect your eyesight and your thought process. This may result in decreases in academic knowledge and in common life situations such as eating by yourself and interacting with other humans. Headgear can decrease the possibilities of getting a brain injury and maintaining your health. On the other hand, many are scared this may scare away “soccer moms,” causing soccer to be known as a “dangerous” sport; although, realization that something must be done due to the increase in concussions is finally hitting people. Many question if headgear is necessary while playing soccer, but, factual evidence states otherwise. Due to the lack of headgear in soccer, concussions occur frequently; consequently, headgear should be mandated for all participants in order to prevent concussions and long-term effects as a
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