Mandatory Military Service in South Korea

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This day and age, the military is a huge aspect of many and almost all of the 196 countries today. The military, composed of men and women, are contributing to defending, protecting, and keeping the country functioning. In some cases, where there are not enough volunteers for the military or a threat nearby, a mandatory service is implemented. This means that certain citizens of such country must serve the military for a certain length of time and commit certain duties. For example, South Korea has implemented a mandatory military service due to the communist North Korea it faces. With mandatory military service in South Korea, there are pro’s & con’s, requirements, and limitations. Out of all 27 countries today, South Korea has one of the longest services at 21 months (Kim). Although, the service time can depend on which branch of the military an individual is serving in. For example, the military branches army, navy, or the special civil service, service time is around 21 months and the air force branch is around 24 months long. Upon joining the military, there are some requirements and limitations. Before the age of 35, able bodied men must serve at least 21-26 months in South Korea’s 650,000 member military(Cosgrove-Mather). Their military faces North Korea’s 1.1 million troops across the heavily guarded 38th parallel (Cosgrove-Mather). Almost all of South Korean men serve in the military but some do not.…

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