Mandatory Preschool

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Mandatory Preschools

You just worked a 12-hour shift, you’re tired as your walking to your car, you realize the glass is shattered all over the floor. You take a closer look and see that someone threw a brick through your windshield! The next day you get a call from the police saying the person who vandalized your car was a classmate of yours. You later find out that person dropped out of high school. Therefore, should quality preschools become required? Most students who do attend a preschool end up receiving better social and emotional skills; therefore it helps to develop the structure of brain for future events. Furthermore it should become mandatory for students to attend preschool.
For this reason, quality preschools should be required
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”...the birth of the brain is a blank tablet”(Locke). The brain knows the basics needs of life, it’s what you put in there that really counts. By age of five most of the adult brain is developed, so what’s the point of preschool? Morgan, a father of a preschool graduate, put it “Preschool is a daycare by another name”(LearnVest). People believe that kids need to develop on their own and they are right but the question is can they fully develop? Most kids need the extra push to guide them along the right path, and preschool gives that. Preschool can become expensive and as Morgan said …”daycare by another name.” So why bother doing it? Jean Piaget once said “...students build knowledge for themselves out of their experiences and how they use that knowledge to adapt to and organize their world”(Shane). So, if you give them the right knowledge they will go farther in life. A mom of three who only enrolled two of her children in preschool put it. “For us, preschool was mainly for socializing with other kids and to prepare them to work with a teacher other than myself”(LearnVest). Preschool is a great time for those socializing skills to come out and to be open-minded about working with new people. Preschool is a chance for them to learn at a young age how to work with other people. Preschool is a great way to get the correct facts in at a young age. Ultimately preschool should start at an early…show more content…
The emotional and social skills you learn at a young age make a remarkable change in your life ahead. While the development skills are just as important, learning the basic three “R’s gives the children a head start. Of course the earlier in life you fill the “blank tablet,” the better off you’ll be. So, don’t forget emotional, social, development, and an early start are all factors you receive out of preschool. Many students who went to a good preschool end up with veter success. Therefore preschool should become required for students to attend. Next, ask yourself, what would have happened if I went to preschool? Would I have achieved more in
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