Mandatory Recycling In The United States

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Man-made garbage has left lasting negative impacts on the world around us. Most people have seen some kind of PSA about recycling. However, many people don’t think about how trash has affected out economy negatively as well. Throughout the course of only a single day in the United States, nearly 5 pounds of garbage are produced by an individual, which is the highest average among every other country on Earth. Less than 2 pounds of the garbage produced each day is recycled. These numbers add up to 250 million tons of garbage produced by Americans in one year, with only 80 million tons ending up recycled. These numbers are staggering and something needs to be done to combat it. The solution that I am proposing is the enforcement of mandatory recycling and even stricter laws against littering. The advantages of mandatory recycling have many different forms. It would save natural resources as well as further preserve the planet for our descendants. Even if one doesn’t care about the environment, the economic benefits cannot be ignored. The United States’ economy would be strengthened and the average household would save money on goods.
The recycling industry is already prominent and constantly growing. The impact it has on the American economy
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Climate change is an issue we face today and greenhouse emissions are adding on to the damage. Trash that is simply thrown away ends up in a landfill and is left to breakdown and decompose. Methane is produced through the decomposition process. Methane is nearly 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide and is a heat trapping gas. It captures heat in the atmosphere which causes a rise in temperatures, thus global warming. With mandatory recycling, there would be less decomposing waste in landfills; this would reduce the amount of methane being trapped in the atmosphere and effectively help combat climate
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