Mandatory Recycling Research Paper

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nah Coleman
Dr. Arnold
English 111
2 November 2015
Argument Introduction
Recycling is something that people have done for many years. Some say that it should be mandatory that states require citizens to recycle because it helps the environment tremendously. Others think it should be their own choice whether or not they recycle. It is clear that it should be mandatory that states require citizens recycle because of the many ways it can help our environment. In this essay, I will argue why it should be mandatory that states require citizens to recycle, the positive effects it has on our environment and how it can help the economy.
Recycling is when one reuses materials in existing products to create new products. Recycling is one way to conserve
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One of the many great reasons is that, recycling reduces the need for a lot of landfills. Reducing the landfills have several effects on the environment. Recycling has a great impact on the amount of property needed for a landfill. It prevents the destruction of forests and other resources that landfills take over. Deforestation is one of the worst problems faced today. Trees play an important role in Earth's natural cycles where they capture carbon from atmospheric, and release oxygen. Trees also help prevent flooding and help control soil erosion. The space used for state and government landfills cost money which isn’t received as a monetary return on an investment (“Recycling Instead of”). Landfills produce an awful odor. There are many different gasses that landfills let off. Methane and carbon dioxide make up 90 to 98% of the landfill gasses. The other gasses that landfills produce are nitrogen, ammonia, sulfide, oxygen, hydrogen and many more. Landfill gasses can escape into the outside air and make its way into nearby buildings. It can enter the building through an open or cracked window, a door, or floor drains. It can also get into the basement through the soil if there are cracks in the basement walls. Soil Vapor Intrusion is what they call this (“Important things to”). While some people think that people should recycle to reduce the need for landfills others think that landfills are not harming the environment at
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