Mandatory School Uniforms For Public Schools

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The loss of freedom of expression, wasting of money, and the opposition of most students for no true benefits is what mandatory school uniforms in public schools enforce. They take away the choice for young adults to express themselves through clothing styles. Uniforms are also costly due to not initially owning them, then the children not wishing to wear them or even being able to wear them outside of school grounds. These aspects are enforced because the administration believes it will benefit the students, but studies show otherwise. The use of mandatory school uniforms is not a progressive or useful direction for public schools to go in and messes with the idea of free education, children’s expectations, and does not prove to have any true benefits. Most of the time when uniforms are enforced it is a color scheme, typically relating to the school’s colors, and involves collared or polo shirts and slacks of some sort. These items are not usually what a child would run and pick out, so more likely than not you are going to have to buy a new wardrobe just for school. That is what I had to do my last year of middle school when they switched to uniforms. For one year of school I had to buy black, maroon and grey polo or collared shirts and black or navy blue pants with no tears. I wore these items only during school and for that one year, after that I never wore them again. After that there was no use for them. Even if my high school enforced uniforms the maroon would not
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